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Verb Knee Program Levels

At Verb, we understand that no two recoveries are the same. That is why we built simple level system, where each level builds upon the progress made in the previous to create a clear and sequential progression.
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Range of Motion

Great knee motion (bending and straightening) is the foundation for all successful recoveries following knee injury or surgery. It is essential for daily activities like sitting, standing and walking.

The Range of Motion level incorporates movements that gently and safely increase knee mobility while also working to reestablish correct muscle firing patterns.  



Loss of muscle size and strength is a normal event following injury or surgery. The Endurance level is critical to helping you rebuild that size and strength.

The low load high repetition structure of the Endurance level stresses the muscles enough to begin their recovery back to full strength, all the while protecting the knee when it is vulnerable to heavy loads and impact.

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Essential for daily activities and athletic performance, building strength is one most important factors in reducing the risk of re-injury.

The Strength level builds upon previous levels, increasing the intensity of each exercise. By using resistance to challenge each movement, muscles are continually challenged to adapt and grow stronger.



Power is essential to being athletic. Accelerating, changing direction, jumping and landing all require high degrees of power.

To develop power, this level focuses on moving quickly, explosively and safely using body weight for resistance. This level will build upon similar movements completed in previous levels, but with added dynamic movement.


Running/Speed & Agility

The Running level gets you comfortable with running again before steadily increasing your running volume over a number of weeks. This steady increase over time is the secret to successfully returning to running.

Speed & Agility is where all the gains made from previous levels are incorporated through progressively challenging drills to improve linear and multi-directional speed and agility.

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