Get back to your sport, one step at a time.

Physical Therapist developed, online rehab designed to get you back to whatever your Verb may be. Only $99.

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Two cell phones showing the VERB online app.


Recover Your Verb.


Recover Your Verb.


Recover Your Verb.

Proven Techniques. Modern Rehab.

Verb is backed by 20 years of clinical experience and is built to combine clear exercise plans with progress metrics to deliver the right program at the right time.

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Custom Recovery Plan

Verb provides a self directed recovery program based on your surgery or injury history.

Video instruction

Video demos of every movement help you safely and properly complete each exercise.

Track results

Gain insights about your recovery by tracking pain, swelling, and other key metrics. 

Science Backed Recovery.

Recovery is complex, but Verb breaks rehab down to a few simple steps so you can recover your Verb and reduce your risk of future injury.



People receiving their recovery programming virtually are happy with their outcomes



Patients who, for financial or other reasons, don't attend physical therapy 3 months after surgery despite not meeting return to sport criteria

No Access Limits

20 visits

The hard cap on physical therapy visits in most insurance plans.


Steven Recovered His Verb.

Completing his knee rehab using the systems that underpin Verb, Steven Stamkos got back on the rink, captaining Tampa Bay Lightning to 2 Stanley Cups.

Steven Stamkos
Tampa Bay Lightning


Jenn Recovered Her Verb.

Using Verb's knee rehab systems, Jenn Pirog returned to the mountain, running toboggans and helping guests as a ski patroller at Vail.

Jenn Pirog
Vail Ski Patrol


Owen Recovered His Verb.

2 time UEFA Champions League winner, 1 time English Premier League winner and 4 time German Bundesliga winner, Owen Hargreaves trusted Verb's systems for his rehabilitation.

Owen Hargreaves
Manchester United

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Customized Programming.

Verb begins by understanding your injury and activity goals, and then constructs a plan the includes all the programming you need and none that you don't.

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Supercharge Your Recovery

Want to work directly with Luke O'Brien, Director of Sports Medicine and Performance for the Milwaukee Bucks? Verb offers 1-on-1 virtual consultations, perfect for someone looking to customize their care, right in their own home.

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