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Luke O'Brien

Founder & Physical Therapist

Luke O'Brien is a physical therapist with 20 years experience helping those that have injured themselves restore their mobility, rebuild their strength and return to the sports and activities they love.

Moving to Vail, Colorado in 2001, Luke served the patients of The Steadman Clinic, building the physical therapy programs for Drs Richard Steadman and Rob LaPrade. Luke is currently the Head of Physical Therapy for the Milwaukee Bucks NBA team.

While helping people return to their active lives is his passion, Luke has also published 30 books, journal articles and text book chapters and delivered over 100 podium presentations at orthopedic and physical therapy meetings around the world.

Verb was born out of Luke's belief that limited access to care, high out of pocket expenses or health insurance restrictions should not serve as a barrier to great outcomes after injury or surgery. Your active life is waiting. Recover your Verb.

Patient Testimonials

“I spend 100 days a year in the backcountry with clients doing what I love. A hamstring injury shut me down until I started working with Luke. His extreme technical competence is coupled with clear, respectful communication and care. In my recovery I always knew exactly what I needed to do next and why. I decided early on to trust Luke and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made for my health.”
Laurel Holding
Boulder Outdoor Survival School

“Thank you Luke for your support and help every single day. Your good friend Ricky”
Ricky Rubio
Minnesota Timberwolves

“ As an athlete, being injured can take you to a dark place mentally. Aside from having 100% confidence in Luke's skills and modern approach to PT, I really value how he got me back in the game mentally. He knew when to push me, when I needed rest, and how important a few laughs are on the road to recovery”
Jenn Pirog
Vail Ski Patrol

“Luke. Thank you for everything. I can't say enough. You are the best!”
Owen Hargreaves
Manchester United

“Luke. Thank you for helping me get healthy. You truly are THE best”
Jairus Byrd
New Orleans Saints

"Luke. Thank you for all your time and knowledge.”
Steven Stamkos
Tampa Bay Lightning
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